Epithalon – a geroprotective agent with anti-cancer effect

Epitalon (Epithalon, Epitalon, AGAG, AE-0 peptide, AEDG, CAS 307297-39-8) is a synthetic pineal tetrapeptide, a telomerase activator and a potential anti-aging drug developed at the St. […]

Intranasal composition. Anxiety, sleep, regeneration and immunity

Intranasal composition for the therapy of anxiety, for sleep normalization, regeneration and immunity enhancement. DSIP, Selank, Epithalon Certain neuropeptides administered to an organism have beneficial effects […]

Top Russian Peptide Developments

Nowadays, there are more than 7 thousand diverse natural peptides have been described. Many of them, as well as their synthetic analogues, are of high interest […]